18 June 2019
UB News article on the Mozilla award. Mozilla awards UB $150,000 to bring ethics into computer science classes. More here.

30 April 2019
Atri and other members of the Ethical AI group win a Mozilla award. A group led by Atri was recently granted an award by the Mozilla foundation on integrating ethics and fairness into undergraduate CS curriculum. More details are avavailable here.

26 March 2019
Jonathan’s Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic drafts a brief that is headed to the US Supreme Court U.S. Supreme Court justices considering a major freedom of information case this spring will have before them a friend-of-the-court brief created by a UB School of Law clinic. Go here for more.

07 February 2019
Azim Sharrif from University of British Columbia is our next speaker for the Ethical AI Speaker Series Go here for more.

04 November 2018
Jonathan on the panel to discuss Artificial Intelligence Ethics, Society & Policy in the Artificial Intelligence Policy Forum Join SUNY’s Office of Research & Economic Development, the Rockefeller Institute of Government and leading experts and practitioners via Facebook Live on November 28 from 2 to 4.30 p.m. for a comprehensive discussion of AI’s impact on labor, the economy, ethics, and society. Jonathan will be on the panel for one of the discussions. More details here.

15 October 2018
Lenore Zuck (UIC) will be talking at UB as part of the Ethical AI Speaker Series Go here for more.

15 October 2018
UB Law article on our working group. Click here - for more

16 September 2018
Molly Wright Steenson (CMU) is scheduled as the first speaker for October 18, 2018 Time - 6pm, Location - 301 Crosby Hall, South Campus. Watch this space for more.