Learning Manifolds from Dynamic Process Data

Frank Schoeneman, Varun Chandola, Nils Napp, Olga Wodo and Jaroslaw Zola (2020) . Algorithms.


Scientific data, generated by computational models or from experiments, are typically results of nonlinear interactions among several latent processes. Such datasets are typically high-dimensional and exhibit strong temporal correlations. Better understanding of the underlying processes requires mapping such data to a low-dimensional manifold where the dynamics of the latent processes are evident. While nonlinear spectral dimensionality reduction methods, e.g., Isomap, and their scalable variants, are conceptually fit candidates for obtaining such a mapping, the presence of the strong temporal correlation in the data can significantly impact these methods. In this paper, we first show why such methods fail when dealing with dynamic process data. A novel method, Entropy-Isomap, is proposed to handle this shortcoming. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in the context of understanding the fabrication process of organic materials. The resulting low-dimensional representation correctly characterizes the process control variables and allows for informative visualization of the material morphology evolution.


 author="Frank Schoeneman and Varun Chandola and Nils Napp and Olga Wodo and Jaroslaw Zola",